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National and Local Organisations

Each parish will be supporting some or all of these organizations in 2013-2016 aswell as Mufulira:-

Alternative to Violence Project
AVP is for everyone who wants to handle violence,deal with strong feelings like anxiety and fear, and build better relationships. Workshops are mainly in prisons.  see

Camphill Communities
Camphill Communities offer opportunities for people with learning difficulties, health problems and special needs to live, learn and work with others of all abilities in an atmostphere of mutal care and respect. 

Emmaus Communities
Emmaus Communities offer homeless people a home, work, and a chance to rebuild their lives in a
supportive environment  see


Carymoor Environmental Trust

This is an education and nature conservation charity  in Dimmer Lane, Castle Cary.
Community Youth Action Group
A Youth Worker is funded jointly by Ansford Acadamy,the local Councils and Churches.
 Youth Matters is a  drop in youth club that meets on Thursday nights in the Swainson Building; and invites teenagers come along to enjoy games sessions, craft workshops and other activities, to eat delicious cakes and to plan for the following week. There are also planning to introduce specialist skills sessions on things like bike maintenance and cooking. Just drop in, or contact Judi Morison (01963 350160) for more information.   see also

The Society of Mary and Martha   

This society was set up at Sheldon in Devon to provide care and support for people in Christian Ministry and or their spouse at times of stress.  see also    

Church Housing Trust

This is a charity that  offers   'Positive ACTION for homeless people'